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Amber, the founder and owner of GREY PEARL Interior Design, has a deep connection to the world of design. She was born and raised in Brandon, MB, and began her design journey in British Columbia. She graduated with honors in Interior Design + Fundamentals from The Art Institute of Vancouver in 2006. After her studies, she returned to her Manitoba roots and spent over a decade refining her skills at URBANiKZ i.d.s in Winnipeg.

In 2019, she took a bold entrepreneurial step, launching her own Interior Design firm. Since then, Amber has achieved remarkable success, leaving her mark on high-end residential, corporate office spaces, and clinical environments. Her work has even garnered recognition on CTV and within the pages of Mint Magazine.

Notably, in 2020, Amber attained the prestigious NCIDQ Certification (National Council of Interior Design Qualification), a distinction held by only a select few designers in Manitoba. This certification underscores her capacity to fulfill client needs effectively, encompassing aspects of health and safety, building code compliance, accessibility, design fundamentals, and professional practice.

Beyond her professional journey, Amber shares her life with her husband, Mike, and their two precious daughters, 5-year-old Isla and 1-year-old Addi. They find solace and make cherished memories at their seasonal retreat in Lac du Bonnet, relishing boat rides and quality time with friends and family.

Principal Interior Designer / Owner

amber bauman

Amelia, was born and raised in Winnipeg, she is a dedicated interior designer driven by the desire to transform spaces into compelling narratives. She holds a Residential Decorator certification since 2018, she has furthered her design expertise with academic achievements, culminating in the completion of her Bachelor's degree in Interior Design from Mount Royal University, Calgary in 2023.

Amelia's passion for design is deeply rooted in her belief that every space can be a canvas for both style and functionality, forming a statement of unique character. She wholeheartedly embraces the idea that design has the power to forge connections and enrich personal experiences, a core principle that guides her in creating spaces that genuinely enhance people's lives.

Beyond her design career, Amelia's interests extend into the realms of exploration and learning. She finds inspiration in the beauty of nature, often embarking on hikes in the mountains, and is a coffee enthusiast. Additionally, Amelia loves learning languages, she fluently speaks French and is currently learning the beautiful Spanish language.

junior interior designer

amelia karchut

Vetta, a true Winnipeg native and first-generation Canadian, spent much of her early years playing on the beautiful beaches of Greece. Her journey began in the restaurant industry at a young age, and she later ventured to the United States, amassing invaluable experience that would shape her career. With three decades of demonstrated success, Vetta is well-versed in startup, turnaround, and high-growth ventures, excelling in the art of building cohesive, top-performing teams while providing unwavering motivation and inspiration.

Her commitment to community shines through her involvement as an active member of the Greek Pavilion sponsorship committee and her role as Vice President of St. Demetrios Greek Orthodox Church. Vetta's dedication to community service extends further, as she was nominated to serve on the Canada Pension and Benefits (GSI) board, where she plays a pivotal role in providing strategic direction and oversight for the management of pension and benefits plans across Canada.

Vetta's passion for personal development led her to become a certified mental wellness coach and to receive leadership training under the guidance of John Maxwell, a renowned figure in the field of leadership coaching. Her multifaceted expertise, unwavering commitment, and extensive experience make her an invaluable addition to the GREY PEARL Design team.